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Shopkins 5 Wood Puzzles in Wood Storage Box

Kids will love this Shopkins pack of puzzles! With five puzzles included in one amazing set, hours upon hours of fun surely lie ahead.
All of the characters from Shopkins are featured, with wooden puzzles of all shapes and sizes that all fit neatly into the included storage box along with their tray.
These puzzles are of the highest quality, with thick wooden pieces that will last for tons of constructions without losing their easy fit. 
Kids can work up to a higher piece count, or those at different skill levels can all work on differently sized puzzles together.
Sure to become the new favorite activity of any Shopkins fan! 
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Shopkins 5 pack of wood puzzles will challenge and reward your child for hours
  • Great for hand eye coordination
  • All puzzles fit neatly into the included storage box with tray
  • Puzzles are made of high quality wood and will last for lots of constructions
  • Contains one 24 piece puzzle, two 16 piece puzzles and two 12 piece puzzles