Custom Shirts

Here is all the information you will need for ordering custom t-shirts:

Send an email with the following to:

1) Your Name
2) Your Email
3) List your top 7 colors in priority order
4) Choose Relaxed Fit or Premium shirt style
5) The name you want to appear as the 'Brand' on the listing. (Typically your company name)
6) Attach your graphic file to the email.  Most formats accepted, if we have a problem we will contact you.

Color Choices:

Heather Blue Heather Gray Heather Dark
Orange Purple Charity Pink
Cranberry Red Lemon
Grass Kelly Green Olive
Baby Blue Royal Blue Navy
Brown Asphalt Slate
Silver Black White


Image Details:

The basic area for images on a t-shirt is 15 inches wide, by 18 inches high.  The image is placed 1.5 inches below the neckline of the shirt.

For best results use an image with a transparent background and is formatted as:

Width: 4500px (15 Inches)
Height: 5400px (18 inches)
Resolution: 300 dpi

You are not allowed to submit images that violate any copyright or trademarks. The images must be public domain or your own.


Once submitted we will generate a 'proof' image similar to the examples shown below so you can actually see how your image is laid out on the shirt.  This image will either be emailed to you or a link will be provided to you for approval.  Once approved we will submit the design to the queue and make it available to you as soon as possible.

Special Considerations:

The image your creating is the baseline image for the largest shirt template, Size A.  Two other sizes will automatically be created by scaling down your image.  This is done so the smaller shirt sizes maintain a proportional image. There is nothing you need to do to make this happen, just be aware that it happens automatically when smaller shirt sizes are ordered. Here is the sizing guide to image ratios.

Size A: 15x18in (100%) Size B: 10.8x13in (72%) Size C: 8.3x9.9in (55%)
Men’s 3XL Men’s Small Kids 6
Men’s 2XL Women’s Medium Kids 4
Men’s XL Women’s Small
Men’s Large Kids 12
Men’s Medium Kids 10
Women’s XL Kids 8
Women’s Large

Also note that printing on both front and back can be completed if needed.  But please contact us first for additional instructions and special pricing. 

Shirt Styles:

Anvil - Relaxed Fit - $14.99


Bella+Canvas - Premium - $14.99

Proof Samples:

Purchasing Requirements & Listing Retention:

At least 1 shirt must be ordered within 2 weeks of the 'Ready for production' date.  You will receive an email with those specific dates after approving the proof images.  Listings that are inactive for more than 60 days will be removed if the production slot is needed. If you no longer need a listing, please contact us so we can open the slot for someone else.